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Our tried and tested strategy produces sound and sustainable IT/ Security solutions for every facet of your business operations, right down to the smallest detail. Our team of professionals are held to the highest standards. 

Meet Our Team

Theres no 'I' in  Team and with a small but dedicated group we strive for perfection on every task undertaken...




Company Mascot

Its a long story...

Best expained in the Video



Ryan Williams

Company Director

Over 10 years experience.

Telecoms Engineer by trade and just about everything else, since co-founding the company back in 2010.

Stuart Fyfe

Operations Manager

Joined the company as a Network Engineer back in 2014.

Progressed to Opps Manager in 2016. 

A dependable character who is always in the thick of it.




Richard Pilmore

Office Manager

Accounts by trade and office extroadinaire by nature. An air of calm even when the going gets tough. 

Stefan Clarke

Project Engineer

Started out in telecoms at the age of 18. Ryan and Stefan go way back having trained together back when mobile phones just made calls. Years of experience with a skill set to match. 

John Garrad

Maintenance Engineer

Father of the group. 

Only afew of us were born when John first touched a cable. He now looks after the maintenance for a major client. Known as 'John the Don'.


Harry Richards

Field Engineer

He started in the office as a general project assistant. Now he's loose and out in the world applying his craft. 

Luke Williams

Field Engineer

Luke is the newbie of the group. He joined in 2016 and is proving to be a natural having worked up a keen skillset in IP connectivity. 

Aaron Gray

Field Engineer

Aaron came to RWMC as a contracted apprentice. He's worked his way through the training and is the product of alot of hard work. 

Sean Devlin

Security Engineer

Joined in 2015 as a security contractor.  Now responsible for consulting on all things security, CCTV and door access solutions. 

Martyn Hallam

Electrical Engineer

An electrician for over 30 years. Martyn oversees all of RWMC's electrical installation works. 

Russel Hallam

Electrical Engineer 

A recently qualified electrician. Russell is an all rounder having worked as part of the team for the past two years. 

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