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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a replacement to the traditional stand alone Office Telephone System.


The Internet Protocol (IP) is the method by which data is sent from one computer to another. A message when sent over IP gets divided into chunks, commonly known as packets. The Internet Protocol is a means of transport to deliver the message, similar to a motorway!


VoIP is a telecommunications system that uses IP to transmit calls. With an IP business system both voice and data applications operate over the same network. (Convergence) Voice is digitised into packets that then become transferred independently over the network.


IP networks include the Internet, Office LANs (Local Area Networks) and private data networks between corporate offices.


There are a number of IP Telephony products on the market to choose from, RWMC will help your organisation choose which is the best solution for your needs.


“Technology is constantly changing and part of our role is to proactively help organisations (regardless of their size or sector) to invest in, manage and reap the benefits of today’s hardware and IP applications.”


Questions to see if this technology is appropriate to you are:


•As an organisation are you after one simple infrastructure to manage?

•As an organisation are you looking to reduce overheads?

•As an organisation are you looking to add greater flexibility and enhance external and internal communications?


Telecommunication has many different applications in a modern environment and VoIP (Voice over Internet Package) is only one part of that.


Many small and medium sized organisations rely on the use of traditional stand alone phone systems, These come in many different makes and models.


At RWMC we operate a flexible approach maintaining access to a network of reliable free lance communication engineers, each with years of experience in a large variety of platforms.


Whatever your requirement or issue we are here to assist in everything from migrations, integrations, add-ons and fault call outs. A team of specialised communication engineers is on hand to assist with all your telecom needs.

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