WiFi Connectivity

Wireless networks incorparate access points (wireless hubs) into an environment where flexibility is required on connection.


A challenge facing many of todays company's is identifying and implementing architectures, technologies and processes that reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). One way to acheive this is through the implementation of Wireless LAN.


Today's workforce is increasingly mobile and employees need to work and communicate effectively, whether they are in meetings, in the office or on the factory floor.


Wireless LAN can provide increased employee effectiveness, operational efficiency along with reduced costs and increased timeliness and accuracy of information.


A Wireless LAN can bring many benefits and listed below are the key ones;


•Maximise the performance, power and reliability without costly infrastrucutre upgrades

•Manage more nodes with fewer administrators

•Reduce maintanance costs with a warranty on all indoor access points

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