CCTV / IP Security

An IP camera is a network device which connects to a LAN (Local Area Network) or a WAN (Wide Area Network). An IP camera captures and streams live digital video footage over an IP Network, the footage can be viewed and managed remotely.


Because an IP camera is a device that sits on a network, the camera can be installed on to an existing network, there is no requirement to install a different infrastructure.


All cameras are POE (Power Over Ethernet) so there is not a need to install separate 240v outlets. The main advantages to this technology are the reduction in time and overheads to the installation.


What makes these cameras different to traditional CCTV?


An IP camera has it’s own built in intelligence, The IP camera does not need to record back to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) nor does it require a PC for any processing.


Advantages of an IP camera


•Reduces initial overheads for installation

•Requires less Hardware to install and maintain

•Reduction in the level of bandwidth requirement (everything is processed in the camera and images do not have to be transported for analysis)

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